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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  April 3, 2010 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hello, i'm gregg jarrett. >> welcome to america's news headquarters. >> massacre in iraq, new images coming in the attack a sunni village. we're live in baghdad. >> and from new york to los angeles, lines of people outside apple stores across the country waiting to get their hands on the new ipad. the demand and the device. >> but first, the woman known as jihad jamie, taken into federal custody after flying to ireland to philadelphia yesterday. federal prosecutors charged her with plotting online to attend a terror training camp. she the second american women in
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a conspiracy to kill a swede irk cartoonist. prosecutors arraigned the woman known as jihad jane just last month on similar charges. julie is live. do we know much more about the relationship between these two women? >> what we know about the indictment released on friday that the two women communicated for many months online and jihad jane was actively using terrorist websites to row recruit women like her that could travel around europe. the indictment quotes a revealing online exchange between the two women about a month before ramirez traveled to europe. they wrote, whether we defend our faith and home, i'm proud to be terrorist. ra pleer ez responds that is how they call it association be it, i am what i am. federal authorities la rose orgy
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ahead jane said she had tried to be a martyr in the name of allah. so they knew each other on line and both in europe. of course, one of them being arrested in philadelphia yesterday afternoon. >> gregg: what do we know about ramirez's son? >> six years old, they flew from ireland with her young son knowing she would be arrested. she is 31 years old and she has reportedly pregnant. here is surrounded on friday with her son to the f.b.i. joint terrorism task force. the son was taken into child protective custody. f.b.i. says when she accepted the invitation to go to a training camp, she asked to bring along her young son. >> gregg: what a sad aspect in this case. what is next? >> she is scheduled to appear in court on wednesday for a
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detention hearing. she could face up to 15 years in prison if she is found guilty. coal even rose could face life in prison. >> gregg: thanks v, julie live in washington. 2010 election cycle is about to kick off. in six weeks both parties will hold a series of primaries and given the unpopularity of congress right now, many incumbents could have a serious fight on their hands. caroline has the story in washington. >> big question every pollster in america wants to know for voters, what is it that you want? we should finally get answers six weeks from now on what some are calling super tuesday, may 18th when three potentially bellwether states go to the paul's, arkansas, kentucky and pennsylvania.
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eight ditched states will vote next month. primary races, democrats against democrats and republicans against republicans. we don't know which party has the upper hand but it will demonstrate how the nation feels about establishment candidates versus challengers. incumbents normally have the money, backing and name recognition to stomp the challengers weiy asked two strategists. what if the established candidates get defeated. >> the message is we are all in for ourselves. we have to do what we can. >> if they lose, the reaction to scott brown will be multiplied by ten which is incumbent, watch your back. both parties, democrats in particular. >> one thing to watch out for is the potential tea party effect. for example, republican primary has grayson who is backed by the establishment but many tea party is backing ron paul.
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he is definite outsider, but right now he is tied in the polls. if he 'pulls it out and could foreshadow a trend for november. caroline, thank you very much. >> gregg: another possible sign what is to come, frustration over health care. a recently poll showing, 26% of respond enters are angry about the changes to the health care system. that is up 6% from a similar poll back in august. could the outrage spark a firestorm come election time? joining us is a staff writer at role the poll i just cited did follow interviews. many of those people expressed a distrust of government and disgust with politicians who they believe are taking from the many and giving to the few. that is direct quote from one of them. how toxic or polarizing has health care become politically?
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>> this is absolutely one of most toxic and polarizing issues out there. this debate that recent passed on capitol hill is no exception. health care has a history of being one of most toxin i will and volume topics, but this year especially is very bad. you have this kind of veosht angst going on, all the members of congress did their town halls even before that we could see voters were very angry. >> the hill has a pretty good piece by shawn miller how democratic lawmakers who have returned home during recess getting blasted by many of their constituents. in fact, there was new poll that more voters plan to pick the democratic in their congressional district. that is a reverse at from a month ago. do you think health care will be in the end the defining issue this come november during the
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midterm elections, even going over joblessness? >> i think it will be the defining vote for members that are up for re-election. it will be the defining vote of the cycle. >> gregg: i'm wondering if it's going to lose steam as the economy gains. the reason i say that is barbara boxer has been in a tough reelection fight, once the possible po aspects of health care kick in, joblessness will decline and economy will improve. then voters will come around and begin to feel better about what democrats have done. do you think she has a point? >> i think historically we've seen that when the economy is better, usually members stick around a little longer. that is one of the reasons there
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is an overwhelming margin and the economy was in good shape despite trying to pass health care in the early 1990s. i think the economy is huge. when you are talking about things members can something can do, about it's the vote and it's going to be showed in campaigns all across the country. >> harry reid helped engineer the health care overhaul, he has no plans to speak about it during the spring recess. maybe his best strategy is lay low. are some other democrats doing that? >> i think so. a lot of democrats particularly in competitive districts, senators like harry reid up for re-election, probably want to sit back a little bit. it's not necessarily campaign season for these guys. at some level it's always campaign season for members of congress, but on other level they don't want to bombard voters yet.
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they want to fund raise, so when the time comes they have enough money to get their message out. >> gregg: john mccain told a crowd this week that the new law will be replaced and it's going to be done so. might the repeal mantra backfire to republicans by letting democrats paint them the party of no? >> i think that is what democrats are hoping. they are hoping that the repeal mantra will backfire on the party. we haven't talked about repealing laws for several decades. it's kind of a new thing. i think come december it's pretty unlikely that anybody is going to try to repeal the law because democrats don't know if they are going to lose the house or not and very likely they will lose the senate. i don't think republicans unless they win a whole bunch of seats are not going to be in a position to talk about repealing that law. thanks for having me.
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>> still on to iraq. a massacre outside baghdad. gunmen raided a sunni village in the middle of the night killing 24 people. the victims were handcuffed and shot execution style with machine guns. according to a security official the attack has all the features of al-qaeda. dominic is live from baghdad with the latest on this? >> absolutely. yes, these people were bound and made to kneel and then shot in the head, execution style. they had been brutally treated. they had been so brutalized, that their faces were beyond recognition when they found them. indeed, it looks like the work of al-qaeda targeting this community. these muslims belong to another movement or sons of iraq who back in 2007 had formally
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aligned themselves with al-qaeda but were made by the american military to turn against al-qaeda and fight alongside the united states. it appears to be retribution killing revenge two, three years as what al-qaeda sees as a betrayal. there were seven survivors of last night's attack and they were found in a terrible condition. handcuffed and in need. the sons of iraq remain a controversial issue here in iraq. they have been frowned upon by the government of iraq which is shea led and they were suppose to be integrated into the security forces but that hasn't happened. many has blamed shea resistance from innings go that into security apparatus. 25 people have been arrested in connection with last night's killings, however we believe that security forces intend on arresting more as the
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investigation continues which is by far the worst atrocity we've seen in terms of al-qaeda's mass killings as we sometimes see here in baghdad. it appears to be a revenge killing irrespective of the political violence we've seen in recent days. >> just 78 people survived. thank you very much. ' -- just 7 people survived. >> in rhode island, life returned solely to normal. households are able to flush their toilets. the pump at a main sewage plant. transit officials reopening a road leading to the state's main airport giving some relief from the massive traffic jams. some shellfish beds because of overflowing sewage but forecasters say it may cause flooding. it may not drop until tomorrow.
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the governor of the state calling it the worst flooding there in 200 years. >> it is a go for space shuttle discovery. givg the green light for the monday morning launch, this after concerns about one of discovery's booster rockets. engineers say the problem is solved and countdown clock is ticking now. there is an 80% chance of good weather for the launch set for just after 6:00 a.m. and crew of seven astronauts are set to haul a load of sciences experiments to the space station. this is one of four remaining missions before the shuttle fleet retires. >> techies are a happy bunch. the ipad hitting stores and now available in 200 retail locations and they are flying off shelves at flight ship manhattan store.
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fans want to be the first to get their hands on one. laura, what are crowds like right now? >> hi, gregg. it's been a very busy day on fifth avenue. you see the crowd behind me continues to stick around. earlier today at 9:00 a.m. when the ipad went on sale, they clapped and cheered and official start of ipad sales in stores across the u.s. as we take a live look, with a walk up to the front of the door still gathered, many of the people who were in line earlier, they couldn't wait to get their hands on them and be among the first to take a look at this device. it looks like a big ipad but they say it does much more and ipad let's you search the web,
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read e-books and magazines, many technology critics gives it a thumbs up. others have tone critical of the ipad it's about the web cam and usb port. and its pricy for people that have a laptop. this starts at 3499 and goes up to 800. >> we tested it. it's a great device. we gave it 4.35 stars. we think it's a great product. >> it's a little heavy to watch a home movie on. i'm concerned about the back lighting is going to be a long reading experience. >> one of the really interesting things we have found today outside of the store is that people have literally traveled from all over the world to be here in new york and to be the u.s. so they can get their hands on one of these ipads. i interviewed someone from australia. he was planning on bringing back
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14 devices. another man actually had the power of attorney so he could buy two for his friend. so the lines continue to build. the big question, of course, is what will consumers say. we've heard from the critics who got to test drive it before it went on sale, but it's going to come down to the consumer. if apple can keep up the buzz and convince people that they need an ipad. >> gregg: that is what i was bond. laura ingle, an exciting day. for more coverage of this newly anticipated ipad debut, go to and is it living up to it. >> i'm waiting for one that cleans the house and does the dishes. if it does that, i will be
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impressed. >> nato forces is going to take on kandahar but taliban is turning it into a big fight. >> a legal battle over the death of a 15-year-old girl in a case that stunned the nation. prosecutors saying this 15-year-old girl ended her own life after months of intense relentless bullying that school officials allegedly knew all about. a legal look coming up. at the stats . mini has more than double the fir and whole grain... making him a great contender in this bout... against mid-morning nger. honey nut cheerios is coming in a little short. you've got more whole grain in your little finger! let's get ready for breakfaaaaaaaaaast! ( ding, cheering, ringing ) keeping you full and focused with more than double the fiber and whole grain... in every tasty bite -- frrrrrrosted mini-wheeeeats!
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>> gregg: our top headlines, fifth person dying of their injuries in a washington state
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refinery blast. two other employees hospitalized in critical condition. the fire started during maintenance work on a unit that had highly flammable liquid. >> the american woman known as jihad jamie, filing charges against jamie ramirez. la rose is the woman known as jihad jane. >> gunmen wearing military uniforms regulated homes south of building and killing 25 people including five women. most of the dead were members of a local awakening group, a group of sunni fight heroes change the course of the war when they reveltd against al-qaeda in iraq. unmanned surveillance planes provide a valuable eye in the sky on the ground. now a new generation of drone aircraft provides bigger advantages in a smaller package. casey siegle is live in simi
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valley, california. >> good to see you. on any given day. there are hundreds of unmanned vehicles or uav for short patrolling the skies of iraq and afghanistan. essentially they are suipd up remote controlled airplanes that allow members of u.s. military to monitor the enemy but gather intelligence while the pilots are flying them safely on the ground. some are even equipped with weapons, but the vast majority of uavs like the predator and reaper run off of fuel weigh thousands of pounds. what about this. what if you had virtually the same capabilities with something that could fit inside a backpack? the puma in action, weighing in at 13 pounds. it can cruise at attitudes of up to 15,000 feet all running on batteries at 6 miles an hour. two cameras on board, a color
4:23 pm
and intraread sending live pictures back to the laptop operating it allowing the user to get invaluable bird's-eye view. >> the more ways that the military can figure out to keep soldiers safe by using technology they are going to do it and uavs are part of that. >> we got the word that small ones are coming out, now they are organic to the unit. we have control of them. and basically we can put them up most of the larger ones, you may not have that request granted. >> the new version of uavs being built by a company here in southern california, already they have sold more than 14,000 to the department of defense. hard to gauge how many are already at work on the front lines but one of the planes can cost $25,000, $30,000, much
4:24 pm
cheaper than millions of dollars that it costs to buy a predator or reasoner. >> it kind of looks like a paper airplane air plane. >> it really looks like a bird. they have some so small that can fit in the palm of your hand, it looks like a bug flying around in the sky. it's important not to alert the enemy. so pretty spectacular. >> a bug? very cool. >> gregg: they say bullies pushed a 15-year-old girl beyond the breaking put. she took her own life after alleged months months of alleged harassment. should teachers be more aware? [ female announcer ] now multigrain pops.
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>> gregg: time for the top of the news. the american woman known as
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jihad jamie busted in the united states. filing terrorism charges against this woman, jamie ramirez of attending a terrorist training camp. >> one person is dead from a washington state oil refinery. two other employees were hospitalized in critical condition. the blast happened on maintenance work. >> gunmen wearing military uniforms regulated homes in a sunni village south of baghdad killing 25 people including five women. most were a group of sunni foo fighters that changed the course of the war when they reveltd against al-qaeda in iraq. >> a new development in the suicide of a 15-year-old massachusetts girl. prosecutors say relentless bullying by schoolmates led to her taking her own life. now a major disagreement between the prosecutor and the
4:29 pm
superintendent of the high school in what teachers knew and when they knew it. editor of the boston herald. the school superintendent is finally talking. now he claims that school officials didn't know the extent of the bullying. in fact, he says, they first learned about it a week before she took her life. here is what the district attorney said in response. we can put it up on the screen. mr. sayer does not have access to our investigative material, therefore, he can't have a basis for some of his comments. is sayer ill informed or worse, attempting to cover it up? >> good question, gregg. d.a. said it's trouble some. exact words trouble some that he didn't know more and what went down on january 14th.
4:30 pm
the day that led to prince taking her own life. that is where the case is resting now. it's the d.a. versus the superintendent. the superintendent came back from vacation in california days after the indictments went down, he is just catching up. >> gregg: he also defend had a staff member on students gang go up on her in the library, blocking door. superintendent says, a staff member didn't really witness it. is there evidence to the contrary? >> the family has hired a lawyer and they are asking the same question, what did they know and when they d necessity know it. the d.a. said -- did they know it. that is what is going on right now. the superintendent is saying we didn't know. how much did they know and how much did the school staff know. could they have done something. it's going to come out in court.
4:31 pm
>> gregg: the mother complained about the bullying, that is according to the family as well as the district attorney. school officials say we have no record of that. could it be the school failed to make a record of that, would that be consistent with their behavior? >> well, the school also said she, they are parsing words, do you mean i have to say my child is being harassed and stalked, they are saying they never heard the word bullying. but. d.a. is saying is this is an extreme kids, a pact of kids and descending on this one 15-year-old. it went beyond bullying, it went to charges of harassments and charges of stalking and statutory rape. >> they recount an incident where one of the accused bullies one of the individuals that have been charged criminally
4:32 pm
screaming insults in her face in the cafeteria while two teachers watched but did nothing. there is a witness to this who has come forward. if that's true and it proves to be a pattern of conduct on behalf of teachers and staff at this school, it could be ground for civil lawsuit for money damages. is the family thinking about that? >> the family has hired a lawyer. they didn't speak to it's today, but we do know they have hired a lawyer. other experts say that a civil case could be made here. it's a big deal, but it could be made. there were other things going on. there were vulgar words being said. vulgar photos being hung up. it was a lot going on at that high school. >> gregg: and it continued to mock her and insult after they learned she had died, as i understand, putting the word accomplished on her facebook
4:33 pm
page. if true, that is just despicable behavior. teachers have a special duty of care. in latin, en loco, parentis. it could be a breach against the school. is there a movement to fire some of these people, if not the teachers, force the resignation of the superintendent, the head of the school board, or may be the principal? >> there is. the parents have said enough is enough. theirton any town is bully central for u.s.a. and they are sick of it. they were calling for somebody to lose their job, surprising that no one was charged in this case, no school official and parents are saying in that community enough is enough. >> gregg: what a rotten little town we have, is the quote from
4:34 pm
one resident there who is absolutely mortified. thank you very much for sharing your information. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome, gregg. the death toll in the oil refinery explosion in washington state. five people are dead. investigators think two of the survivors didn't make it. that leaves two others hospitalized with severe burns. fire raged through the refinery north of seattle early yesterday morning. we were covering it. now we are longer that they faced a long list of safety violations. they are saying that the explosion happened during maintenance work. people from five miles away say their homes shook from the force of the explosion. this the later deadly refinery accident since the explosion in texas. >> they are stepping up the
4:35 pm
search for a missing colorado girl. they are averting traffic and asking information. the child lost her way to a friend's house. she was last seen heading to the party on sunday with only the clothes on her back and asthma inhillaryer. >> gregg: in jerusalem the celebration of easter is in full swing with the lighting of the holy fire. flames from thoughs of candles filling the holiest churches in chris yant. it's going back centuries and seen as a miracle on the day before easter. reena ninan has more on the story. >> easter has officially kicked off here in jerusalem holy city. it began this morning as the holy fire. >> christian leaders inside the
4:36 pm
homely sepulchre. they tried to catch the smoke, that is considered holy, of course. they will take turns holding services inside. 'bleers from all over the world have come to jerusalem to celebrate easter. security here remains on high alert, not just because of easter but also since it's a jewish holiday. they have closed off some of the streets leading into the holy pepulchre to deal with crowd control. >> church services will take place and christians will celebrate easter on the same day that happens once every four years. >> gregg: reena ninan, thank you on to the war in afghanistan and the nato forces are moving on.
4:37 pm
they are going to kandahar but the enemy is using homicide bombings, assassinations and intimidation to gain more control over the people living in that city. potentially laying the groundwork for a ditch street to street urban comb bat nightmare. is the battle for kandahar could be anything like anything u.s. forces have seen before? joining us is. thanks for being here. is it fair to say it will be unlike anything that our troops have faced? >> i don't believe it's anything we have faced before. the u.s. army has faced a number of strategic battles in an urban environment. this is challenging by the way it's laid out a lot like fallujah and iraq. we're going to have to go house to house, street to street in a much more precise manner than we
4:38 pm
did in fallujah. if you recall, we had to destroy fallujah to save it. general mcchrystal won't do that. kandahar is one of the areas we have had government control, per se. hamid karzai's brother is the administrator of that region. and more importantly, as you mentioned in the option, this is the intellectual and spiritual home of mullah omar and taliban. they wanted to go back and take control back in 2003 when the tally begin it's resurgence so its challenging battle. >> you paint a picture of two different things. one is military, that point of it and other is political. >> yes, absolutely. >> you are talking about the president's brother ruling that area. so what about getting karzai's
4:39 pm
help. apparently it hasn't worked so far? >> i think that is why president obama made the up personal and direct meeting with him. one of the things we're faced with is having to go in afterwards or someone going in afterwards, primarily afghan forces and establishing a presence. don't forget we're doing this for the holding of afghanistan and the hold and build, you have to have an uncorrupted police force which frankly does not currently exist and i'm not sure given the time frame we've been given by the time we leave. >> so clear hold and rebuild. let's talk about that. we're seeing a pretty nasty thing happening via the taliban. fill us in what they are doing to turn the city into a battlefield? >> obviously the first thing and most easy for them to do is hide within the population. it's very difficult to distinguish between civilians
4:40 pm
and basically terrorists. they've already hidden themselves well. they had plenty of time to prepare. next, they have able to launch a number of effective suicide bombings and they intimidated the population. basically you do it our way or we'll kill you. it's hard to combat those tactics. we have to cut off their resources, begin to identify them as targets and frankly, we've got to have the afghan army and afghans to help us with this. it's going to be on their shoulders if we win this long term or not. >> you know, colonel schaffer, a lot was talked about to win the hearts and minds of the people. this is an area, three districts kankandahar, two million people, they are going to be caught in the middle of this. what happens to them? >> general mcchrystal and bloggers picked up on it, he
4:41 pm
feels it would kill too many innocent people. i saw it back in 2003. we have to take a step back and be precise how we use force. taliban are not well-liked. they were not well-liked before we got there and they are not well-liked now. we have to create an alternative that will help them. it's about quality of life. an alternative to the taliban. they offer one thing, that is pretty much order, their rule. they don't offer a great future. i think we can differentiate ourselves, not become part of the government but help the government to establish better order and an alternative for people living in that area. >> the way you describe the urban warfare, liberty up close to what is going on. >> it will be hugely difficult. >> tony schaffer, thank you so much. >> hf rhode island is embedded
4:42 pm
with. >> don't miss tonight at 10:00, a special edition of gerraldo at large live from afghanistan. right here on fox news channel. >> gregg: finally good news on the job front, 162,000 new jobs created in one month, but is it enough to start pulling us out of the big recession? we'll ask our expert about that. plus, more than 150 people trapped for more than six days. rescuers tried to dive into a flooded mine after hearing signs of life from within. the latest from the rescue effort coming up.
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>> gregg: some signs of life for miners trapped underground in china. rescuers are preparing for a major operation six days after a coal mine flooded in china. they heard what sounded like people backing on pipes from within the mine. a piece of pipe lowered into the
4:46 pm
mine came back with wire coils around it, something rescuers say could only happen if somebody had done that under ground. good news on the economy, u.s. adding 162,000 jobs in the month of march. best increase in three years, but it didn't make a dent in the unemployment rate and analysts are saying they need to create 125,000 jobs a new month to keep up with the population growth. so what should we make of the new numbers? joining us is harry, of wady asset management. glad to have you today. it looks likes the president is saying he wants to give this credit to his recovery act, for helpings the country turn the corner. is he right? have we done that? >> you know, we're becoming
4:47 pm
increasingly optimistic, but unemployment still at 10% in most states. in many states and cities, it's significantly higher. under employment increased 16% and long term unemployed is record level 44.1%. so we don't think it's time to break out the champagne yet, but we're certainly significantly better off than we were a year ago. >> so what i hear you saying we should be cautiously optimistic so what is wrong with a bunch of optimism? >> i think that the optimism unfortunately is already reflected in the financial markets. you know, the stock prices, for example, seem to be reflecting perfection and extrapolating this good news into continuing on into infinity. we don't think that adequately
4:48 pm
prices in the risks that exist. we think we face a bit of a lose-lose scenario. if the economy continues to recover, then we think we'll see higher interest rates. given the precarious nature of the residential as well as commercial housing marketed, we think higher rates could cause damage in other areas. again, we're concerned that it could be a lose-lose there. >> i think it's interesting the president seems so upbeat and his tim geithner says, there is reason for concern and specifically which part of the jobs report should we be worried about? >> you know, i think each of them are playing the role that they are supposed to play. i think that reality is somewhere in the middle. we just think there is reason to be concerned and cautious, but
4:49 pm
again, we're better off than we were a year ago. there is reason to be optimistic but the financial assets, stocks et cetera, given the enormous debt load on the government's balance sheet, that higher interest rates have a significantly greater impact than they did historically. given that debt load, higher interest rates on the government's balance sheets could be very, very damaging. >> very interesting stuff. we'll have to look forward and watch for that. harry eady, thanks for having being here. >> they are reporting news for a popular cholesterol drug. safe s it safe to take medication like this as a preventative measure. a doctor will be weighing in in just a moment.
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4:53 pm
the federal government approving a new use for the blockbuster wonder drug crestor. >> the new fda criteria will allow the cholesterol lowering medication to seemingly healthy people to reduce the risk of heart attack. how healthy is this. >> joining us is mt. sinai professor of surgery. listen, is this a good idea? >> there is a study or fda's recommendation is what they called the jupiter trials, basically a study that found out
4:54 pm
people taking statins that had normal cholesterol levels. they tested two levels. they tested the ldls and proteins which is measure of inin makes in the body. there were studies that showed that you had high crp levels you are at high risk to have sudden cardiac death. they looked at patients this tha had normal ldds and high crps. what they found, they called the 40-50% reduction in heart attack. what it comes down as absolute risk by 26%. what does it mean in reality. we have to treat 3500 people with crestor to prevent one heart attack for one year. if you take it all the way to five years, 25 people being
4:55 pm
treated to prevent one heart attack. some doctors say that is worth it, but other doctors are saying maybe we are just prescribing too much medication. we're making too many people to be patients and committing them to lifelong medication, but tha they don't need to be on. >> i guess great for crestor to come up with this, but they are going to make money if everybody starts taking the drug. should we trust these companies? >> that is part of the research. the person that came up with this test for proteins he has a financial interest in this and also the company that makes crestor has a financial interest in these results because it means that 4.5 million people that are taking it, or $4.5 billion they are making they are going add another 6 million people taking it.
4:56 pm
the results are still good. >> gregg: look, if out of 500 people it prevents one heart attack, that 499 others could have negative side effects, right? >> which means the problem with statens, it includes muscle aches and pains, increase liver enzymes because the drug is metabolizes through the liver. if you are not taken off the drug and produces a fatty liver, it can cause failure. those are major concerns about being on them. if you have a major reduction in having a heart attack, some say that its worth it. >> real quickly, if you take this drug and you get off of it, can you body still on its own do it, lower your cholesterol? >> absolutely, exercise, decrease ldls and increase the hdls. find out if you should get
4:57 pm
tested for the crp levels and then discuss them with your doctor. >> thank you so much. >> all right. they call them the laptop killer could the new hot ipad actually be a security risk for people? the ipad, we're going to look at the problems popping up.
4:58 pm
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>> reporter: hello. i'm in for julie banderas. >> and i'm greg jarrett welcome to a new hour. a federal judge ordering that a sign be taken down, there it is. not because of its message, because it violates zoning regulations. the owner disagrees. he vows to fight for his rights of free speech in the name of art. >> president obama hitting the campaign trail for the upcoming midterm elections. how americans feel about jobs and the economy could restructure the house and senate. it is one of the most anticipated gadgets that has techies giddy with anticipation. how will apple fight the hackers working to crack the ipad? >> first the american woman known as >> has jamie is now behind
5:01 pm
bars. prosecutors charging jamie pollen ramirez with plotting online to attend a training camp. she and several hours were detained in ireland last month. as authorities investigated an alleged plot to kill a swedish cartoonists who drawing offended many muslims. the pennsylvania woman calls herself jihad jane she was arrested last fall and facing terror charges. julie kurtz has the latest on this. >> reporter: ramirez flew from ireland to philadelphia yesterday afternoon with her 6-year-old son, knowing she would be arrested as soon as she landed. the 31-year-old former colorado resident, reportedly pregnant, surrendered friday to members of an fbi joint terrorism task force. she remains in custody. her son is in child protective custody in philly. prosecutors accused ramirez of plotting online to attend a
5:02 pm
terror training camp with the other woman who authorities say used that online name jihad jane and used to live outside of philadelphia. she pleaded guilty last month to recruiting islamist militants. prosecutors say she urged ramirez to join her and others in europe at a location she described like a training camp as well as a home. the indictment also revealing online exchange between these two american women. low rose writes when our brothers -- defend our faith they are terrorists fine then i am a terrorist. ramirez writes, that's right i am, what i am. ramirez detained and six others with larose. authorities say ramirez asked to bring her son to the jihadist camp and he married a man met online the day she arrived in europe. ramirez is scheduled to appear
5:03 pm
in court wednesday for a detention hearing. she could face up to 15 years if found guilty. officials with the u.s. attorney's office in philadelphia would not tell us whether ramirez is cooperating with authorities in this case. we know that she gave herself up when she landed in philadelphia. >> interesting details julie, thank you. an inmate transported from texas to california getting a brief taste of freedom. authorities say he was being driven to california to stand trial on sex assault and kidnapping charges. the driver pulled over in monterey, california to allow mc to go to the bathroom that's when he pounced trying to choke the guard with a chain. local cops say they couldn't believe it. >> this is like one error after another. the bottom line is, we have a dodge durango suv no cage
5:04 pm
transporting four inmates with one guard who stops along the highway out in the middle of nowhere lets two out. and he gets his gun taken from him. that's okay because he had no bullets in it. the suspect takes off and drives to king city he cuts himself with a knife. where did he get the knife? he found it in vehicle. >> well, the inmate taken back into custody. three others were injured when they jumped out of vehicle during attack. the guard suffering minor injuries. >> the fbi warning letters to governors from anti-government groups could cause violence. the group called guardians of the free republics asking them to step down or be removed. georgia governor purdue one of 30 governors who reportedly got one of these letters. ideology isn't a factor. purdue is a republican. democratic governors are receiving the letters too. the governor's office says it does not appear the letter
5:05 pm
contains a credible threat. >> the letter appeared to be a photocopy of a presentation it didn't appear to be specific to governor purdue. addressed to all 50 governors. the letter is unusual. >> they are not taking chances and beefing up security. fbi saying it is likely all 50 governors will get letters. the fbi investigating death threats made against an espn reporter, tmz is reporting that rib andrews was the target of alarming e-mails. authorities believe they know the identity of the sender. last fall staffers on the dan patrick show started getting messages. andrews a contestant on "dancing with the stars." she asked the show to believe up security on the set. andrews recently went through a lengthy court battle after being secretly videotaped in the nude. janet jackson speaking publicly about the man who has
5:06 pm
pleaded not guilty in her brother michael jackson's death. appearedding on friday's "oprah winfrey show" oprah asked if she blamed murray? janet saying yes i do he is the one administering the drug from what i know janet adding before her brother's death the family knew he had a problem and tried to help but he was in denial. michael jackson died after cute propofol last june, a strong andness set tick. -- anesthetic. the 2010 election cycle is topsy-turvey pollsters having a hard time figuring out what the voters want. we could get answers six weeks from now. caroline shively reports from our washington newsroom. >> reporter: the big question every pollster in america wants to know from voters, what is it that you want?
5:07 pm
>> we should get answers six weeks from now on what some are calling de facto super tuesday may 18 when three states go to the polls. arkansas, kentucky and pennsylvania. these are primary races, democrats against democrats and republicans against republicans. we won't know which party has the upper hand but it will demonstrate how the nation feels about establishment candidates versus challengers. incumbents chosen by the party normally have the money, backing and name recognition to stomp challengers. this is an angry electorate. we asked two strategists what if the establishment candidates get defeated? >> message incumbents are going to take we are in this for ourselves. we to do what we can to save ourselves. >> if they lose, then, the reaction to scott brown will be multiplied by 10, which is incumbent watch your back. both parties. democrats in particular.
5:08 pm
>> reporter: one thing to watch out potential tea party effect. kentucky senate republican primary has grayson secretary of state backed by the establishment. many tea party folks are backing ron paul's son. right now he's tied in the polls. if paul pulls it out that is a major cue for tea party folks. and could foreshadow a trend for november. how big a role should president obama play in the midterms? some candidates are worry the unpopularity of the president's health care bill could hurt their chances in november. others say the president can only help. the president is all but daring republicans to run on a platform against his health care law. >> the president: this is what everybody has been hollering about as the end of freedom. and now that it's passed, they are already promising we are
5:09 pm
going to repeal it! they are going to run on a platform of repeal in november. and my attitude is, go for it. you try to repeal it. [ applause ] >> joining me for a fair and balanced debate, two members of the house energy and commerce committee congresswoman marsha blackburn, republican from tennessee. and congressman elliot engel a democrat from new york. how involve should the president be in the campaign of your party particularly incumbents since they are the ones who feel the most backlash from the passage of the health care reform bill? >> president obama is welcome in my new york 17th district any time. if anyone from the white house is listening i hope he cops as quickly as possible. please going to do a fundraiser for the democratic congressional campaign committee in new york in may
5:10 pm
and i'm going to be there. the president has taken tough stands on a lot. the health care debate has been clouded. there has been so many distortions and untruths about health care. i think when the american people understand what the health care bill does they are going to embrace. >> if a child is 26-years-old he can stay on his parents' insurance and the companies cannot deny coverage for a preexisting condition or say there's a cap and we are not going to give you any kind of health care beyond that cap. this will help the american people. and, there is going to be other issues. democrats are going to work on regulatory reform, jobs and the education. and i think when november rolls around, people are going to see that the obama administration and this congress has done a lot more than many, many other administrations in congress in the past. >> representative blackburn there are those pesky numbers that you can't runaway from. those approval ratings hovering still around 50% of
5:11 pm
people not liking the job he's doing. what say you about the opportunity here for the republicans? >> well, i do hope that the president is out there campaigning on the health reform bill. on his 3.8 trillion dollar budget. on some of the other missteps they've had this year. the american people have spoken loud and clear. enough is enough. this is an administration and a house and senate leadership that spend too much. they are trying to tax too much. the american people are saying enough is enough! one of the ways had this is really shown up the manifestation has been the fight over the health care bill. americans across this country are saying, look it is not partisan politics. there is bipartisan opposition. there's only partisan support in washington. and across the country. you are seeing democrats, republicans, independents saying we do not want
5:12 pm
government control of our health care system. we did not want 118 new federal bureaucracies. we don't want to be spending another trillion to two trillion dollars trying to figure out if this is going to work or not. so, i think that it is going to be a heavy price for them to pay come november. i hope the president is out there. >> i think i hear what your satisfy saying. you want him to be at every campaign rally and rubber chicken dinner. >> exactly i do. i think it is important for him to be out there. he has -- these are his policies this is the kind of change he wanted to bring to washington, so it is the change that he has brought. he owns it he needs to be out there on the campaign trail talking about it. because it is change the american people did not want. >> mr. engel, i'm curious to though how people in your party might see this what miss blackburn is describing as a
5:13 pm
big old target for barack obama in terms of getting out there. it could even do him so more damage but certainly maybe not help everybody. in illinois certainly his help is needed he promised to go back to his home state every few weeks. he hasn't been there in months. the democrat on the ticket to fill his own seat is having a big challenge there. >> i think we'll see the president in illinois and in a lot of other states. let me tell my friend marsha, i think that in the past there have been incumbents, who have dipped in the polls starting from ronald reagan to george w. bush and bill clinton. they all regrouped their footing and got reelected. i think the american people will do the same. i think that the president is going to go around the country and explain what he's doing. we don't need to be lectured about fiscal irresponsibility it is hard for barack obama to cleanup in one year the mess left behind, the economic mess
5:14 pm
by the previous administration in eight years. i think we are starting to see the economy come out of the doldrums. the jobs have been created for the first month in three years, 162,000 jobs this past month. so i think we are going to see the economy improve. i think people are going to see again as democrats in washington we are going to do jobs, jobs, jobs, economy, economy, economy. we are going to rein in the banks who caused this economic problem in the first place. when people look in november and balance things they are going to see the democrats and president obama have been good for the country. if you look at the polls, while democratic ratings are down, republican ratings are even worse than the democratic ratings. i think the people are going to look at incumbents and make judgments. again, president obama, if you want to come to new york and campaign in my district, i
5:15 pm
would be delighted to have you. >> just another 10 seconds miss blackburn. >> i think it is important to say the american people know this country is on the wrong track. they know you cannot spend your way to prosperity. they know the democrats are running up trillions in new debt every year. their deficit was 1.4 trillion dollars. the american people know this is wrong. they know it is time for us to reverse course and 2010 you are going to see that borne out at the polls come november. >> i just felt like the campaign just started. like the election season is on! >> i talk to marsha all the time. >> -- >> elliot is a great guy he and i can work a lot of these things out together if they didn't have this leadership. >> now a moment of kumbaya. marsha blackburn and elliot
5:16 pm
engel, thank you. >> thank you. kumar trading the white house for white casting. the actor kal penn going back to the movies serving as a liaison to the asian community the past year. the new jersey native will star later this year in a very harold and kumar christmas. the third installment. burger loveing flicks. he said he own intended to work at the white house for a rear or two -- for a year or two good news for the fans. >> that movie is proof my husband is still 15. grammy award winning singer fined for stripping naked. eryka badu striping off her clothes in public a rifle shot rings out and she collapses.
5:17 pm
after the video went viral online, authorities decided to issue her a disorder conduct citation. apple debutting its new ipad today. the 1 1/2 pound hand-held computer features user interface technology. all day appear tell dee tees stood in long lines to get -- apple voteties stood in long lines to get one. >> it is amazing. it has been eagerly anticipated by the apple community. >> our own laura engel in new york city. >> reporter: it was an absolute mob scene earlier this morning when the ipad officially went on sale at 9 a.m. in the united states. there were hundreds that were lined up, many camped out for days before it went on sale. all to be part of the i held
5:18 pm
it in my hand the day it went on sale club. the lines steady all night long, all day long. live look inside the store, we are going to clear a path bring my cam up -- camera up to the side of the store. apple will sell 300 to 500,000 ipads this weekend including those who signed up for the presale, up to two million during the june quarter that's a lot of ipads and a lot of money spent. depending on the model, the device can search the web, view movies, play video games, will run you between $499 and $800. critics have weighed in. >> expensive device especially in this economy to spend between $500 and $800 on a device that you may not be sure what are going to use it for. >> there is something different to hold something like you hold a book or magazine and get the advantage of seeing information like print but then having the ability to interact with it.
5:19 pm
>> reporter: the key to apple's success with the ipad is main tag -- maintaining the buzz and continuing to convince consumers to buy it. if you compare the lines we saw today to a few years ago with the launch of the iphone there are more people today who will buy this weekend than the launch weekend iphone 270,000 sold some traveled from overseas to get one or more. >> we friends they couldn't afford to come or couldn't make time so i helped them out by getting it for them. >> reporter: that man traveled over 33 hours. came from australia to come here to new york, planned a whole vacation around the launch of the ipad. we continue to see these long lines. of course the proof is going to be in what the consumers have to say once they open up those boxes get their hands-on 'em, start using el and find out if this is something they love and want to buy for gifts
5:20 pm
throughout the year. exciting day for those folks laura ingle, thank you a bird, plane, no. vital part fighting terrorism around the world. one company working on a facelift of sorts for the predator drones. casey steigel has more. >> reporter: as cell phones and computers have gotten smaller, sorry the tools being used by the u.s. military. how this tiny remote control plane i'm hold something changing the face of war coming up next in a live error here on america's news headquarters.
5:21 pm
thank you dear, very much. thank you. ♪ you make me feel so young.
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5:23 pm
here's some of our top stories: president ahmadinejad blasting united states and dismissing president obama's attempts at engagement saying.
5:24 pm
a u.s. back push for new united nations sanctions will only encourage iran's nuclear program. >> german military confirming a friendly fire incident has killed at least five afghan troops. troops fired on a vehicle that didn't stop as ordered. >> national weather service extending a flood warning for the northeast. meteorologist says river levels are dropping, dangerous conditions continue. a california company on the cutting-edge of technology. it is building unmanned drones for the department of defense that are cleverly disguised as birds or bugs. the high-tech spies in the sky are creating jobs on the ground. casey stegall is live in simi valley, california. >> reporter: harris i know your dad is former military he will pressure chait this story. the -- he will appreciate the story. the technology is cheaper, it is more compact. i'm going to step aside and we
5:25 pm
are going to get to a live demonstration of these unmanned vehicles. they are starting up the propeller that you can hear. boom! it is in the sky that is all it takes to launch what is known as a uav. unmanned aerial vehicle. already, there are hundreds of these patrolling the skies of iraq and afghanistan. what is so important about those planes up there, not only they remote control, the pilots safely on ground. they have high-tech cameras onboard that allow them to get color pictures and also infrared pictures. they can monitor what is going on, on the ground even in the middle of the night. it is impressive to the one that is flying now he was only four pounds. it can go 60 miles an hour. it can fly about 80 minutes on one charge. very, very impressive. the battery is also the other big selling point. a lot of drones being used in afghanistan and iraq right now use fuel and they cost
5:26 pm
millions of dollars. these cost thousands of dollars. again, these are now being shipped over to the middle east, as we speak. the southern california-based company here in simi valley manufacturing these for the department of defense, so far they've shipped 14,000. more than 14,000 of this newer version of drone. hard to say how many at work on the frontlines of war, as we speak. the experts that we've been talking to say this is the way of the future. technology taking over much smaller footprint allowing soldiers, marines, to carry those drones on their back and launch out of a backpack. pretty impressive harris. >> amazing stuff saving money and potentially lives. i know my dad was threulted to hear you mention his mill -- dad was thrilled to hear you mention his military service, thank you. when the president signed the health care bill into law it affected every american and every doctor. one in colorado runs a clinic
5:27 pm
that helps thousands of children. coming up, he's going to explain how the new law impacts the service he provides. ♪ ♪ so i was the guy who was never going to have the heart attack. i thought i was invincible. i'm on an aspirin regimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take ca of.
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time for top of the news: air travelers to the united states will be checked out according to real-time intelligence. that resulted in a review ordered by the president following the fail attack on christmas day. >> tkpworpb getting another taste of winter this -- oregon getting another taste of winter this easter weekend a foot of snow on mount hood giving skiers fresh snow. filling christianity's most revered shrine in
5:31 pm
jerusalem. standing over the spot where christians believe jesus was crucified and buried. this year orthodox easter coincides with observances of other christian denominations. gunmen wearing iraqi military uniforms storming a sunni village in the middle of the night include -- kidding 25 at least five women. dominic is live from baghdad. >> reporter: what is most disturbing about this it wasn't just men in iraq military uniforms. it was also american soldiers knocking on their door in the middle of the night doing kick are door patrols speaking in broken english that's why they let them in. her mother went to the door thinking it was american patrol, let them in she was shot and her two sons were shot as well. it is easy to acquire uniforms
5:32 pm
on the streets of baghdad. even if they aren't carbon copies of the uniforms such as the iraq police wear or the americans wear. however, 24 people dead, seven did manage to survive. those that were -- encountered the terrorist that knocked on their doors were mistreated. some were tortured, receiving broken arms and legs before they were shot in the head execution-style. amid political turmoil here in iraq. we just had elections, no new government has been for . it appears al-qaeda who is behind attacks wants to take advantage of that turmoil. al-qaeda attacking these sunni muslims because they belong to the councils in 2007 turned on their former al-qaeda and sided with the americans that helped turn the tide in the wave of violence consuming iraq at the time. it is say revenge killing.
5:33 pm
all the same it is adding to tension here in baghdad. to see we may have a violent outcome following elections -- elections. 24 dead at the hands of terrorists dressed as american patrolmen, you are right dominic, evil. thank you very much. israeli weapons maker unveiling a new miniature anti-missile defense system. it is called trophy. mounted on top of tanks. it uses radar to track incoming projectiles and fires a small explosive to intercept. the company says many across countries are interested. if successful it may help american troops battling terrorists in iraq and afghanistan. the trophy system has been installed in israeli tanks as part of a pilot program. new details on that oil refinery explosion in washington state a fifth person has died of the huge fire at the refinery in the northwestern corner of the
5:34 pm
stay earlier yesterday. two employees still in the hospital with severe burns. the cause of the explosion and fire under investigation. the largest refinery accident in five years, this is. -- five years ago an explosion at the bp refinery in texas killed 15 injured 170. a doctor in colorado pioneering a health clinic that provides quality medical care to thousands of uninsured return in rural areas. what is his take on the nation's health care overall? joining me dr. larry walk. let's divide this up. let's talk about the good stuff. what is good in this new law that will help you and your services? >> well, any time health care or the health care agenda can
5:35 pm
be raised in priority, that's good. i mean, there's so much in our society as far as competing priorities it is good we we all talk about health care of the any time we can talk about ensuring -- insuring more children providing better coverage is a good thing. >> the association of the american medical colleges says the new law will cause a doctor shortage of 160,000 by 2025. american academy of family physicians predicting we are going to have 40,000 doctor shortage over the next 10 years. will there be a doctor shortage, especially in rural areas, which of course you serve? >> it is hard to say at this point. any time you increase access and provide more patients to the system, we do need make sure there are enough doctors, nurse practice tischers, physician assistants any
5:36 pm
couldn't of health care provider to meet that need. i that i is a valid concern with the rocky mountain youth clinics we are concerned about making sure we have enoughs did and health care ers to meet the need. >> do you worry that a shortage coupled with planned cuts in medicare will result in rationed care? hitting seniors most acutely? >> it could. again, it is a delicate balance. you want to make sure we're balancing health care act is says for patients with -- care access for patients with the supply of physicians and providers. as well as making sure the quality is preserved. we want to make sure people aren't being run through a mill a that they are being provided a quality service by qualified medical professionals. >> our own dr. siegel wrote the kind of insurance mandated
5:37 pm
is too easy to over use clogging offices and leading to more unnecessary tests and providers ordered by doctors who fear malpractice and desperate for tort reform. does he have a point? >> i think he has a point. but again, it is a balance. we need to make sure we are practicing good evidence-based medicine. and everyone has a role to play the patients have a role to play as far as valuing the health and care they the physicians have a role to play the hospitals have a role to play. the drug companies have a role to play. i think, you know you always worry about under use and over use this is a good opportunity for us to reevaluate and rae says the health care system and make sure it is meeting a good balance >> 28% of patients looking for a new physician were not able to find one not just medicare. medicaid is worse. 50% of doctors in the united states will take it. does this new law make it
5:38 pm
better or worse? >> well, i think -- i'm hoping it will happy does it. the rocky mountain youth clinics that i created 15 years ago was because children who are uninsureed and had medicaid which is public insurance couldn't access the traditional system. they couldn't access private practice physicians. this type of model i obviously believe in, which is a true private-public partnership that addresses both a potential shortage of providers as well as providing act is says for patients who are looking for good -- access for patients who are looking for good quality health care. >> this law will probably ab justed in the future. if you have one or two things that you could say from your vantage point that could improve it, what would it be? >> i think we have to keep things as simple, understandable and easy as possible. right now there are so many
5:39 pm
moving parts, it is so complicated. i think less is sometimes more. rather than make the health care system more difficulty to understand, i think we need to try to make it easier for people to you understand. so, my advice to lawmakers is to really try and right or advertise making health care easy and affordage. so that people peel like it is a win-win. >> dr. larry wolk, thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure, thanks for having me a court backing a town's mandate to make one property owner take a sign off his house he owns. the property owner is vowing to take his fight on. what legal grounds does he have to keep it up? our legal panel takes it on. a pillow fight. the funniestcq video of the day. straight ahead. ♪
5:40 pm
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don't wait until it's too late. get your lifelock protection started immediately. call now. . a man fed up with the city of st. louis taking his properties by eminent domain is speaking. he painted on one of his properties. a judge ordering him to take it down saying the mural isn't art protected by the first amendment. >> i think just to i go you a little background in 1970, i started nagging about housing for low income families between 2000 and 2006 we lost 24 buildings, 60 homes to eminent domain taking. then they came after this billing. we said finally we have a chance to protest because in
5:44 pm
building faced the interstate system. that's the background. we had terrible experience of eminent domain taking prior to this >> let's our legal panel. paul cowan, who has the losing argument in this discussion. and constitutional attorney and fox news legal analyst, lis -- lease we'll -- lise weil. you got the winning argument in this. you first. >> is it a sign violating the size or is it art which is offering protected speech? >> no, they are grabbing for the art exemption which is crazy. i just dealt with this in iowa. the strip club said we'll let underaged minors dance because it is art. ridiculous. this guy, yes protected speech
5:45 pm
if you stick within the city's regulations. this sign is 10 times the size of the regulations. >> asking people to read it to do something. >> i do not have the losing side of this argument r >> total loser. >> not at all. >> this is political speech. under the first amendment of the constitution, there are two things that have to be present for the government to shutdown political speech. number one, it has to advance a compelling state interest. what state interest is against putting a sign up in a blighted area of st. louis -- 0 -- opposing eminent domain. it is not content neutral the judge was wrong. >> the judge said the opposite he said it is content neutral. any sign this size is outside of city regulations. >> i say the statute is not content neutral because the statute, essentially what has
5:46 pm
happened -- the statute says if you have a professional organization and you have an emblem you can plaster that up on the side of a building. but if you happen to be protesting eminent domain you cannot that's not content neutral. >> absolutely not. the statute has one exemption for art this is what they are trying to grab at art exemption. don't you that i is desperate a.m. that he and his hroerpbs are saying this is all that -- and his lawyers are saying this is all that we can say it is art. >> here's why it is not. the missouri eminent domain abuse coalition this is their symbol. they are a civic or professional organization this is their symbol. >> i don't understand at the end of the day why the solution isn't to say, okay we want to have this political sign up, which it is, it is not art, it is a political sign. put it into the constraints of what you are supposed to do
5:47 pm
for anybodies. any other political view you have to keep it -- >> even if he had a small rendition they still would not allow it, because -- >> it is the size that is the problem. >> i don't think it is the size. i think because it is not a sieve is vick or fraternal organization. >> i say it is about size. look at this! >> size counts. >> oh yeah. >> i'm not going there at all. >> you know what. it is like the definition of -- i'll know it when i see it. i look at this and my gut tells me it is a sign, not art. >> look at this, okay. >> you stunned me with the is size matters thing. size in terms of signs does matter this is a huge sign. but it is also political speech. i think political speech has to be protected.
5:48 pm
>> i'm calling this a draw, good job. >> you can't be doing that >> lis, he totally overcame all of the obstacles. it was very creative. >> thank you very much. >> lis, that's the one thing we all agree. >> apple's latest must-have gadget officially on sale today. folks lining up at stores across the country to get the new ipad. not ipod, ipad. what about security? hackers are sure to target the new device. is apple ready for that? coming up
5:49 pm
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iranian president ahmadinejad blasting the united states and dismissing president obama's attempts at
5:52 pm
engagement. saying a u.s.-backed push for new sanctions will only encourage iran's nuclear program. >> the german military confirming a friendly fire incident has killed at least five afghan troops. the germans say troops fired on a vehicle that didn't stop as orderedded. >> national weather service extending flood warnings in the northeast. a meteorologist says river levels are dropping, but dangerous conditions do continue. with the launch of ipad that can be a double-edged swore bus it attracts customers as well as hackers. chief security officer for news corp's online properties and a former department of justice prosecutor for onlinesgg crimes. good to see you. hamu is that right? >> yes and thanks for having me >> the ipad is not cheap. i know i will sound like a curmudgeon.
5:53 pm
$500 on something that has dozens of holes in the software. >> let's step back a bit. one thing to understand whether you are a mac or pc it doesn't matter. every platform out there has security holes. the good thing is, there are conferences, there was one recently where many were found on apple products. researchers get together and try to find these holes. it is good for the consumer as long as the good guys are finding it, telling apple and if apple acts quickly. one other thing to understand when you are king, people are going to try to dethrone the king. let's look at how ipads are being dealt with apple has security guards everywhere right now in maintaining the shipments so it doesn't get stolen or hijacked. if i was advising apple that is one of the things i would be looking at saying are you putting security guards inside the product like you are putting outside the product?
5:54 pm
>> you talk about hackers who have exposed the problem. charlie miller a famous hacker. that's who is pointing out 20 to 30 weaknesses. what kind of stuff could go wrong for customers? >> well, just real quickly, apple released last week, 97 patches for different reasons, 40% were security-related. if you are a customer, what this means to you is when you see those upgrades coming out and updates coming up, you have to install them immediately. otherwise, you're putting yourself at risk in terms of your information. somebody can take over your ipad, iphone, your mac, whatever device you are using. touch it doesn't matter. you have to think security, think upgrade, think immediately. often times people say remind me later. you cannot think remind me later on any of these devices. they are all interconnected. because of that, at home, if
5:55 pm
you are watching, if you are using a mac or pc, the same applies. upgrade, update as soon as it happens. >> yeah, because are spending a lot of money so you want to protect them. you see people standing in line picking up these things. thinking they may run out today for a period of time it is selling so hot. now you bought something that needs all these fixes is this potential a pr might their for apple? >> it isn't if they step up quickly. one thing apple is good at is brand loyalty and developing amazing brand loyalty with their consumers. apple has to look at their consume areas a king would look at their subjects. are they going to take care of their subjects? i think they will. if they haven't already they will do it quickly. every product that comes out can potential have issues. what you have to do is when we fix it for you, do something which means, act, act very quickly. update and protect yourself.
5:56 pm
i think apple will do that otherwise they are going to have to risk brand loyalty and brand image. that i know they are not going to do. >> i hope i can count you among my friends. i like to have friends who are smarter than i am and you are brilliant on this issue, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. if you didn't know it, it is international pillow fight today. the feathers are flying in paris and brussels. hundreds taking out frustrations on one another. the organizers say it is all just having fun. similar events scheduled to be held in dozens of cities across the globe. the international pillow fight day is an event that was created on the world wide web in 2008. it is part of a social phenomenon known as flash mobbing. >> or your house on a saturday night. >> i have two girls they love pillow fights. >> that is going to do it for us. rick and jamie standing by on
5:57 pm
the latest with the arrest of jihad jamie. >> thanks for watching have a great easter. i'll see you again on the fox i'll see you again on the fox report. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. everybody thinks he's the most handsome cat they've ever seen. [ woman announcing ] purina one for indoor cats... unlocks the brilliance of nature... with a natural fiber blend that helps minimize hairballs... and maintain a healthy weight. [ laurie ] he's a character. he brings so much laughter into this household. and he's the best-lookin' cat there is. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do.
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